Jun 27

Leadership And Service To Business Communities For Promoting Economic Growth And The Advancement For Quality Of Life In The Areas They Are Located In

We advocate on behalf of the business community, to facilitate understanding,  the setting of common ground, for greater cooperation and success.  The chamber promotes the continued partnerships between  independent business organizations. We create networking opportunities, which further strengthens ties within the societies we work with . Our job is to advocate new  and unique ways of reaching out to the right audiences, who can then join our initiatives, leveraging their skills together with us. It is this great sprite of cooperation which results in our continued successes, in the areas of economic growth and quality of life improvements.

We invite you to come join us in these endeavors. Business organizations are welcome to apply for membership. Each approved company is featured on this site with information about your products, services, and areas of expertise. Many fruitful networking and beneficial partnerships have resulted form this exposure.

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Jun 27

Live Event Scheduled | Featuring Life Saving Information

We have received word from our members in the medical sector of commerce, in particular hospitals and clinics, that a very large and frighteningly increasing percentage of patients are being treated with symptoms of diabetes and other related conditions. The problem is getting worse and has grown to epidemic proportions. As leaders in the region we feel a responsibility to take any actions we can to help find solutions to this growing problem.


Therefore we are partnering up with local hospitals to host events talking to citizens about diabetes and how to prevent it or reverse it.


We will also be having discussions with the administrators of some of the local hospitals to talk about how this disease is impacting them and the operations they run. We would like to focus on how hospitals and doctors can better educate their patients about better lifestyle and diet choices to improve the lives of the people in the communities they serve.


Get ready for a full day of hard hitting educational seminars. Our guest speakers who are yet to be revealed will be sharing some truly staggering scientific facts about the causes of diabetes and you can make smart changes in your life which will significantly impact the progression of this menace.


We also have some other surprise speakers. Included in the list of guests is a company that sells a simple, yet very profound book detailing the actual causes of this sickness, and how you can overcome the situation? To wet your appetite for this book we have included a short video review. It covers how to reverse your diabetes quickly and naturally today with diet and life style changes.


One of our mission goals is to facilitate happy and healthy communities, by leveraging businesses who have certain levels of expertise in areas of interest. This is one of those opportunities for us to keep that promise.


Shortly we will notify all members of the public on the exact time and place of this event. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Watch the video below:



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